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September 14, 2005

Siding (3)

9/14/2005 11:11:00 p.m.

It never ends.

Today: we rented scaffolding. We've got the front done, the south side done, the back done, and the north side about ½ done. (And when I say done, I mean covered in white foam insulation to a depth of two inches.) (Well, one inch on the south side.)

The siding? Promised today. Didn't show up. It's somewhere in town, though. Tomorrow AM I'm going to call and yell at my salesguy some more. Never doing business there again.

Yesterday was our eighth anniversary. K's parents—my parents are already here, helping with the siding—came out and we all sat down to a roast beast supper. Mmmm... mashed potatoes and gravy...

Then we had a rousing game of yatzhe, which I got my butt kicked at, and some Blew It, which I got kicked at too.

And that was that.


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