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September 01, 2005

One for Doug

9/01/2005 09:48:00 p.m.

...or maybe Karen, his wife.

Last night I caught the last half of The Nature of Things on CBC. It was, specifically, this episode, and so naturally I thought of you two. It was a fascinating show, and even in the half hour that I saw I learned a couple of things. (I didn't realize, for instance, that the tarantula has existed for 350,000,000 years.)

I don't see anywhere on the site where you can order copies of the episode, or transcripts, but if you're interested, you might try emailing them from their "Contact" link. (Be aware, though, that CBC is currently experiencing a "labour disruption*" and you might wait a while before getting a response.)

*Or maybe the term is "employee lockout." Guess it depends on what side of the picket line you fall. All I know for sure is that all my news now comes from BBC World Service, and September's program lineup includes a whole lotta documentary films.


At Saturday, September 03, 2005 11:21:00 p.m., Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Thanks, Pat. From Karen: they got their facts a tiny bit wrong; Ts have been around 400My, not 350My. She can't ident that one from the underside. She also mentioned that Dr. Raven is a big name in the T community. And, she doesn't know much about Australian tarantulas, since Australia is VERY touchy about live exports. Thanks for thinking of us.


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