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September 12, 2005

Siding (2)

9/12/2005 10:34:00 p.m.

  • Siding is ordered. Should be here tomorrow or Wednesday.

  • Got the whole house wrapped eight feet high in one-inch foam board. Tomorrow: the second level, I guess.

In the news—Brian Mulroney is the greatest self-promoting megalomaniac since Sir John A. MacDonald:
his legacy as the greatest prime minister since John A. Macdonald.

Dear BM, there's a reason that Will Ferguson put you in both categories in his groundbreaking work Bastards and Boneheads, which, for those of you that don't know, is a survey of Canada's prime ministers, one which points out that every prime minister we've had since 1867 was either a bastard or a bonehead.

Tonight at judo: Me and X (yes, that's her real initial) did some lazy uchi-komi, then I stretched out her arms with waki-gatame and ude-hishigi-juji-gatame. Then I came home and came within two points of getting skunked at crib by my wife and my mother.

Later, Jetsons!


At Tuesday, September 13, 2005 11:59:00 p.m., Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Karen tells me that one of your PMs took a picture of his head between shears, like he was trying to cut his own head off. What's up with that?

At Wednesday, September 14, 2005 7:55:00 a.m., Blogger Pat said...

Hadn't heard about that one, but here's what we were discussing just last night: A popular comedy show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes* actually ambushes our politicians on a semi-regular basis, and for the most part, the politicians play along. For instance, Jean Chrétien, our previous PM, was presented with an award from 22 Minutes for "Longest Acting in a Political Role", during a press conference, and he gave an acceptance speech ("I'd like to thank my mom, and my dad...and my maquilleur**"). Try doing that to your President. You'd be dead before you hit the ground...

* Named after an old weekly news-in-review program called This Hour Has 7 Days, and the fact that CBC's national news program, The National, was 22 minutes long.

** Makeup artist, en français.

At Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:42:00 p.m., Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Our President only meets with folks who have been pre-screened and strip-searched. It amazes me that that doc was able to tell Cheney to fuck himself. What happened to the screening?


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